Jamie Christensen

CEO & Founder

Fuse Associates is the culmination of my years of working in the asset management and financial services industries. I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits both businesses and clients receive when they have a strong and clear business strategy AND communications, and so I centered Fuse around this premise.

Having spent most of my career working with international colleagues, I have a broad perspective and understanding of different types of communications, cultural nuances that occur, and the importance of scaling initiatives appropriately. For instance, small businesses and start-ups often don’t have months or years to develop their strategy and brand. They need action fast. However, if a company is transitioning from a handful of team members to a larger organization, there is a need for more emphasis on processes and moving to a leadership team approach. I have experience in a range of these scenarios. Having been in your shoes, I can help.

Career Highlights:
  • Expert in global business and management in both developed and emerging markets
  • Led communications efforts and coordinated public relations agencies in U.S., London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia
  • Spearheaded multiple marketing and communications efforts for acquisitions
  • Consulted on and implemented multiple marketing team reorganizations that culminated in reduced costs and improved efficiencies
  • Passionate about developing teams, solving complex marketing communications problems, working within diverse cultures, finding efficiencies, and motivating teams to progressively reach stretch goals and meet maximum potential
  • Avid supporter of Dress for Success and organizations that help women further their lives and careers
Asset Management Specific Highlights:
  • Institutional, high net worth, and retail asset management expertise across equities, fixed income, real estate, and alternatives.
  • Developed marketing strategies across all major asset classes for over 20 global asset management firms from a Fortune 500 company with close to $300B in assets under management (AUM) to boutiques who ranged in size from $500M to $60B in AUM. I have also worked with a diverse client base including some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world, high net worth, and retail.
  • Consulted with companies in emerging markets to bring their businesses up to developed market standards in the areas of operations, portfolio management, marketing, and compliance.
  • Created technical portfolio management training programs for clients in over 15 countries, representing over $4 trillion in assets under management.