You have goals that exceed your internal marketing resources. We bridge the gap by connecting your small business needs with marketing expertise to help you reach the next level of, well, you!

Top 5 Reasons to work with Fuse

Need more than marketing tactics, but not ready to hire full-time, senior leadership?

We can be your marketing executive and help you prepare for the day you are ready. Learn more

Is the essence of your business and your goals for your clients reflected in everything you do?

We can help you create a marketing strategy that tells your story and gets results. Learn more

Want to analyze your current marketing state to uncover problematic areas and find solutions?

We can provide audits and assessments in many areas, plus solutions to support growth. Learn more

Want to leverage the power of SEO and social media to build awareness?

We can help you through our Spark Social Posting and Branding Program. Learn more

Have a need that doesn’t fit neatly into a box?

We can help, whether it’s a one-time need or ongoing support. Learn more

“Fuse’s in-depth investment and product knowledge were a critical asset to our sales and marketing team. Jamie Christensen’s strategic marketing skills, paired with asset management comprehension, allowed for a more effective and efficient production cycle.”

Jill Niswander, Director of Communications and Fund Development

“Fuse Associates is a very reliable business partner and offers critical thinking.  Their founder, Jamie Christensen is the consummate professional and excels at “outside the box” tactical and strategic planning.  I would highly recommend Fuse to any firm looking to expand their brand or enhance sales, marketing, or business development.”

David Spika, President, Capital Management

“Fuse Associates offers great marketing – they have the financial services know how, strategic sensibilities and a knack for communicating complex concepts.”

Vice President & Marketing Strategist, Corporate Marketing and Communications