Marketing Strategy

Your firm was founded for a purpose. Your story communicates that purpose and aligns you with like-minded individuals and institutions. Is the essence of your business and goals for your clients reflected in all that you do?  

Fuse ensures from a branding and messaging perspective that your story and purpose are connected through everything you do.

  • Brand Strategy does your brand accurately reflect your story? If you were to ask your leadership team or employees what your brand strategy is, do they know what this means? Brand strategy is more than just a logo or colors and fonts, it’s about helping to craft how your marketplace sees you. While ultimately, the market will decide what your brand is, you have the opportunity through your service, words, and actions to help shape this.
  • Communications Strategy — do you have a cohesive set of marketing materials for
    your sales team? Does your sales team understand how to use these materials? Have you identified buyer personas for your market? Do you know if your materials are effective? Often companies end up with certain materials like a brochure, fact sheet, or presentation out of necessity and on a one-off basis, rather than by taking a systematic, holistic look at your prospects and clients’ needs, and what is best going to communicate your story. Fuse is here to help make sure your organization considers your sales team’s full suite of marketing communications materials and that your message accurately and passionately reflects your story.
  • Website Enhancements – there is no doubt anymore that your website is one of the first experiences that a potential client has with you. Sometimes whether or not you gain a client is determined by the opinion they form of your firm by glancing at your site. Fuse has experience across the spectrum of web enhancements from current state assessment to overall site development to content development.
  • Technology Platforms – technology is a core component of marketing. Companies have many opportunities to automate and improve on their marketing and sales initiatives from CRM systems to marketing automation tools. We have researched, implemented, and used some of the leading systems. If you are interested in knowing how these tools may help you, or how you can more effectively manage the tools that you have, we can help.

45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it. 

Did you know that you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression?

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