Audits & Assessments

Audits, assessments, and processes are an important part of ensuring that your team is poised for continued growth and avoiding undue risk.


  • Marketing Processes Audits — growing organizations often do not have time to focus on ensuring that processes are in order and that everyone is following the same standards originally designed by the founders. Our team has many years of experience looking at marketing processes best practices and knows how to focus on those processes that will ensure you have the consistency and quality needed throughout your marketing organization.
  • Communications Processes Audits — does your team know how to handle communications in an emergency situation? Do you have a process that everyone is aware of and that has been tested to ensure, that in stressful times, your employees know what should and should not be communicated, and how this should be portrayed to clients, prospects, government officials, and the media? If not, we can help.
  • SEC Audit Readiness Audits — have you had an SEC or other regulatory body audit in the last 5 years? If not, you should ensure your marketing team is ready for an audit and that all your files, policies, and data are able to be systematically pulled together in a short period of time. Clients look to us to ensure they have systems in place so that marketing audits are as painless as possible.


  • Current State of Marketing Communications Strategy Assessments and Development of Future State — does your organization have a marketing strategy? If so, congratulations, there are many that do not! How confident are you that your marketing strategy is set up to help your overall business meet its goals? Whether you’re looking for someone to craft your marketing strategy or just provide a litmus test, Fuse is ready to help.
  • Competitive Analysis – how in tune are you with your competitors and where their business is headed? Have you assessed how your marketing efforts stack up against the competition? Are your front-line employees prepared to compete with your competitors? We can help you identify new threats to your marketplace, assess how your business development and marketing efforts stack up against your competitors, and help you determine, based on your budget, the most efficient marketing strategy for reaching your goals.
  • Client Experience Journey — do you have a good understanding of the experience that your clients go through from the first time they make contact with your business all the way through to when they are no longer a client? How confident are you that every client experiences excellent client service every time they make contact with you? Fuse will map what your current state client journey looks like; and, if we find it’s not what you expected, we can help your organization get to the desired state so that you increase closure and retention rates.

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