Additional Services

For all those items that don’t fit neatly into a box, here are some examples of where Fuse has worked with clients.

  • Presentation Coaching — how effective are your presenters in telling your company’s story? Does their message align with your brand and communications strategies? Is your story clear when presented by your front-line employees? If you are asking yourself these questions, Fuse is here to help assess this for you as a non-biased observer that has seen hundreds of presentations over the years.
  • Process Improvement Projects we understand the importance of efficiency, especially within growing companies. Sometimes making sure that processes are set up in the most effective way possible can be the difference between needing to add another full-time position or not. If you suspect you need help assessing your current processes or implementing new and effective procedures, contact us today.
  • Leadership Coaching — small to mid-size firms often don’t have the time or resources to fully train new and mid-level leaders in the art of leadership. Having successfully led teams in a range of sizes and employees at all levels of an organization, we can partner with you to help coach your rising stars.
  • Mentoring/employee Development — we are dedicated to helping your internal team continue to grow in their careers and are happy to offer mentorship, industry training, and any other assistance they may need.
  • Event Programming — client and prospect events can be very rewarding when done with purpose and a clear strategy. Fuse has experience in developing event topics, producing event-specific thought leadership, creating presentations, helping speakers to prepare for presentations, and managing of event planners.

If you are interested in working with Fuse, but don’t see your specific need listed, please contact us and let’s start a conversation.

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