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Jamie Christensen

Founder and Lead Consultant

 My Purpose

To help clients tell their unique story; reflecting who they are;
and ultimately, achieving results.

 My Story

I am a global professional services business and marketing communication strategist who thrives on helping others.



Fuse Associates is the culmination of my years of working in the asset management and financial services industries. I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits both businesses and clients receive when they have a strong and clear business strategy AND communications, and so I centered Fuse around this premise.

Having spent most of my career working with international colleagues, I have a broad perspective and understanding of different types of communications, cultural nuances that occur, and the importance of scaling initiatives appropriately. For instance, small businesses and start-ups often don’t have months or years to develop their strategy and brand. They need action fast. However, if a company is transitioning from a handful of team members to a larger organization, there is a need for more emphasis on processes and moving to a leadership team approach. I have experience in a range of these scenarios. Having been in your shoes, I can help.

Three core tenets of my career that have featured prominently in all that I do are:

1.      Professional Development — of both myself and others. In addition to being a mentor for many colleagues over the years, I also give my time back to the community by mentoring a range of individuals including economically-challenged women and students.

2.      Strategy and Goal Setting — or as I like to call it — having an actionable plan — is a part of my everyday life and comes through in how I approach any problem. I am a planner and strategist at heart. Goal setting goes hand-in-hand with strategy, as does communication. You can have an amazing strategy, but if you don’t communicate it effectively with your team and ensure everyone is telling the same story, you might as well not have a strategy.

3.      Communication — this is critical in all situations and forms. So many misunderstandings occur because of poor communication, which can be especially troubling when it comes to miscommunications within your business.

I focus not only on what is communicated but also how it is being communicated to your clients, prospects, employees, and shareholders. I also ensure that you take a holistic view of all your stakeholders when relaying important messages.


Career Highlights:

  • Expert in global business and management in both developed and emerging markets
  • Led communications efforts and coordinated public relations agencies in U.S., London, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia
  • Spearheaded multiple marketing and communications efforts for acquisitions
  • Consulted on and implemented multiple marketing team reorganizations that culminated in reduced costs and improved efficiencies
  • Passionate about developing teams, solving complex marketing communications problems, working within diverse cultures, finding efficiencies, and motivating teams to progressively reach stretch goals and meet maximum potential
  • Avid supporter of Dress for Success and organizations that help women further their lives and careers

Asset Management Specific Highlights:

  • Institutional, high net worth, and retail asset management expertise across equities, fixed income, real estate, and alternatives.
  • Developed marketing strategies across all major asset classes for over 20 global asset management firms from a Fortune 500 company with close to $300B in assets under management (AUM) to boutiques who ranged in size from $500M to $60B in AUM. I have also worked with a diverse client base including some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world, high net worth, and retail.
  • Consulted with companies in emerging markets to bring their businesses up to developed market standards in the areas of operations, portfolio management, marketing, and compliance.
  • Created technical portfolio management training programs for clients in over 15 countries, representing over $4 trillion in assets under management.